They honestly think we are stupid

Once again, the Progressive Liberal Fucktwits (PLF) have resorted to what is becoming a sad, cliche’d strategy to once again muddy the water just enough to their way.

  When Paul Ryan announced he’d be leaving his House seat, the Washington DC odds makers touted Jim Jordan as the odds on favorite for Speaker, should the GOP retain control after the midterms. This threw the PLFs into a tantrum, and predictions of cataclysmic policy change were made faster than Ted Kennedy running away from a sinking sedan.

  As reality began to settle in, and Jordan’s fitness for the post became increasingly apparent, the PLFs got desperate. They had to think of something, and fast. The solution?  Cook a story that would undoubtedly set the dwellers of the shallow end of the gene pool into a feeding frenzy.  Hence, we had the Ohio Wrestling “scandal”.  I detailed this character assassination a while back. If you missed it, here it is.

  Once again, the Progressive Liberal Fucktwits are in crisis mode. Despite months of virtue signalling and casting predictions that spell out the complete upheaval of American Jurisprudence, tales of a dark world in which (gasp) states will once again decide if and how abortions should be regulated, Brett Kavenaugh will very likely be confirmed to the Supreme Court bench. Apparently, having jurists that form opinions based in the Constitution as opposed to personal ideology is bad for Americans, unless you happen to sell protest kits containing poster board, Sharpie markers and Handmaiden Cloaks. 

  Judge Kavenaugh is no noob to this process. He went through it in 2003 and again in 2006 when he was confirmed to the DC circuit Appellate court.  When he was seated once again before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he fielded the questions with clarity and poise, much to the chagrine of the PLFs in the gallery and the Democrat members of the Committee.  That Kavenaugh was able to maintain composure and resist outbursts of laughter at the ensuing shitshow performed by Spartacus Booker and Kamala Harris is a testament to the judge’s level of commitment to the law, and the dignity expected of a jurist.

  This leads us to today’s hail Mary  pass by the PLFs. If you’ve been keeping tally, Kavenaugh has now been vetted 3 times, held Presidential level security clearances, been confirmed to the Appellate, and had well over 900k pages of documents offered up for examination. He’s served as a Federal Judge for over a decade as well as served in the White House. Safe is to say, he’s had a background check or two.

So, with full on DEFCON5 crisis mode at PLF central in California, Senator Diane “please pass the eggrolls” Fienstien says she has a letter. Not just any letter. An anonymous letter, making claims of a sexual assault alleged toward Kavenaugh some 35 years ago, while the judge was in high school.

   The reasonable, thoughtful, and conscientious voters will certainly take pause, and demand the confirmation be postponed, at least till after midterms, so that the selection can’t serve as a pressure point for vulnerable blue seats. 

  However, it’s the timing and nature of the “letter” that causes the bullshit-o-meter to go off.  Why would the ranking minority member of the Judiciary Committee sit on such damning evidence until after the hearings, when the evidence could be examined, witnesses questioned, and the accused could face their accuser?

  Further, the accusation itself is highly suspect. Even in the best of circumstances, for a prosecutor, a charge of attempted anything can be difficult. To charge attempted rape after 35 years, devoid of corroborative evidence, and certainly not way to prove intent…would be an excersize in futility.  But in a character hatchet-job, the burden of proof is non existent.  It’s enough just to make an accusation. 

  At some point, the PLFs will be faced with the sad, stark realization that in their zeal to get their way, they effectively shredded any ligitimacy for actual victims of abuse. 

  So it baits the question, why? Why do they resort to such ridiculous and low attempts to villify their opposition? Well, mainly because within the vast PLF echo chamber, it works. It provides endless chaffe and fodder for the Handmaidens and Vagina Hats to scream into cheap bullhorns and scrawl on dollar store poster board. 

  It works, because largely, the leftist’s choose to overlook fact, and elevate fiction to gospel status. They rely on the ignorance of the American Voter, and appeal to the lowest common denominator because they assume two things. These two simple assumptions put their entire ideology in a nutshell. 

1. They know what’s best for America

2 Americans are too stupid to see truth.

Prove them wrong in November,please.


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