Timeline of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Time-Loop

Whilst everyone is distracted by the recent Facebook scandal and the resulting Congressional testimony of Mark Zuckerberg, various political pundits are agitating for US intervention in Syria. This churlish cacophony ranges from “mild” interventionism (such as sanctions) all the way to full out war (as in the case of Jack Keene who recently said that the US should take out all of Assad’s aerial infrastructure), all of which are a result of yet another chemical weapons attack which occurred in Douma, a city near Damascus, in Syria. The attack is reported to have occurred from April 7th to the 8th and claimed the lives of approximately 40 individuals. Feels rather familiar, does it not? It is almost as if the world has fallen into some kind of time-loop.

  • April 21st, 2013, a chemical weapons attack occurs in eastern Ghouta, Syria amidst the ravages of the Syrian Civil War. The EU and Arab League laid the blame upon the government of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Syria blamed the rebel forces for the attack whilst Russia urged western powers not to be hasty in coming to conclusions and to wait for further evidence before laying any blame upon Assad. UN investigates, finds only that a strike did occur and that whoever commissioned it had access to a considerable stockpile of sarin gas. The US, France and the UK consider direct military intervention in the region but are dissuaded when Syria complies with a Russo-American deal to hand over its stockpile of chemical weapons in totality, declaring that they wished to enter into the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), a intergovernmental organization controlled by the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons).
  • April 4th, 2017, yet another chemical weapons attack occurs in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib, Syria. At the time of the attack the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (al-Nusra Front/al-Qaeda) had control of the town. Reports claim a substance similar to sarin gas was used. The US, Turkey, France, UK, Israel and Human Rights Watch attributed the attacks to Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad (a allegation which Assad, again, denied in the strongest possible terms). US President Donald Trump, upon the urging of various satellites, vows retribution and orders a missile strike on the Syrian Shayrat Air Base (the claimed source of the chemical munitions).
  • February to April of 2018, Assad is winning the civil war against the rebel forces, swiftly retaking ground. Assad’s military victory is assured, barring foreign military intervention. March 13th, Russia claims the US is plotting another strike on Syria and warns against it; the same day, Syrian forces report finding various casches of what appears to be chemical weapons, stockpiled around the newly liberated Ghouta region. March 19th, Russian and Syrian officials voice concern over the potential for a false flag attack which they believe would be staged by the rebel forces and blamed on Assad, thus drawing US/NATO forces into the conflict, in such a eventuality, Assad’s victory would no longer be assured. March 30th, US President Donald Trump, in both a public and online speech announces that US withdrawal from Syria would be happening “very soon.” Shortly thereafter, on the night of April 7th through the 8th, photos emerge from The White Helmets, a al-nusra front affiliated “humanitarian” NGO (backed by the US/UK) showing dead bodies. They allege a chemical weapons attack has occurred in Douma, Syria. US government claims Assad is responsible and also notes that Russia shares some portion of the blame. Not long after President Donald Trump calls President Assad a “animal” and vows retaliation as Russia angles for deescalation, noting that any sufficiently hostile action in the region will be met with reprisals of their own. Iranian forces, being allies of Syria, maintain a similar stance to Russia.

So what we have here is a seemingly cyclical procession, Assad pushes against the rebels, he begins cornering them, there is a mysterious gas attack which Israel, America and the UK and Turkey invariably blame on Assad, the international community writ large then rallies against him and Russia and Iran have to harden their posture and bristle their backs in his defense. What is curious about the allegations (for which no evidence has emerged, directly linking Assad or his associates to the attacks) is that there is no motive for Assad to do such a stupid thing, this is especially true as pertains to the chemical attack in Douma as the Syrian President was on the verge of winning his war against the rebels. Only a fool would, there pause and say to himself: “It looks as if I’m bound to win, I’d best gas my own people such that they, along with the international community turn against me!” This is made even more ludicrous by the fact that the attack occurred only four days after Trump had announced he intended to pull US troops out of Syria! Even the hawkish General “Mad Dog” Mattis noted that there was no evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons. Also of note (and potential importance) is the curious fact that all of these major attacks occurred in the month of April (make of that what you will).

Furthermore, even if the Syrian President had gone completely stark-raving mad (this does not at all appear to be the case, for when Assad rose to power his own people did not think he would be a suitable leader because he was TOO pliant, cautious and mild-mannered), even if Assad DID gas his own people, this is still no reason to engage in a ground war as such a venture should be undertaken to protect the sovereignty of the country itself, to safe guard the American people, or to protect a ally (or allies) of the American People. Anything else will simply lead to another Middle-Eastern quagmire, a tawdry repeat of the Bush Years. If the US government wishes to engage in another bloody (unprovoked) war in the Middle East (which the majority of the American people are against) then the least they could do is wait until their is solid evidence to justify such a ridiculous and ill-begotten venture. If we’re to be mobilizing our troops for any end it should be for the safeguarding of our borders and the utter destruction of the various Mexican drug cartels which regularly penetrate them, but the safeguarding of the American people seems to be a duty which the Washington Regime has abandoned in near totality.


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