Top White House aide says Trump 2016 announcement was ‘jolt of electricity to my soul’

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said said he experienced a “jolt of electricity” to his soul when President Trump announced his 2016 White House bid.

Miller told the Washington Post in a Friday interview that he felt “as though everything that I felt at the deepest levels of my heart were for now being expressed by a candidate for our nation’s highest office before a watching world.”

Washington Post‘s profile of Miller documents the 33-year-old adviser’s rise to prominence within the Trump administration and specifically his ability to dictate Trump’s immigration policy.

Miller has long sought more stringent immigration laws in the United States and is a fierce advocate for deporting illegal immigrants. Last Monday, he pushed through a new immigration regulation that can bar green card applicants if they are too poor or suspected of using government aid.

Miller also swore loyalty to Trump in the interview, declining to speak of any personal ambitions once the president leaves office.

“Every day of my life I thank God for having the privilege to come and work here for this president and this mission,” Miller said. “And you cannot understand me, you cannot understand anything that I say, do or think if you do not understand that my sole motivation is to serve this president and this country, and there is no other.”

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