Trouble in Democrat Paradise

I’ve seen for some time now troubles brewing in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives. I first wrote about a potential feud between Congressional Democrats and Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez back in March following her ill conceived torpedo job on the New York-Amazon deal. full article here.

Well it appears the rift has, in fact only gotten wider. Now, the former bartender from the Bronx has started a bar room brawl within the Democratic Caucus, targeting not only long term Democrats like Jerry Nadler, but also members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and most audaciously, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The problem stems from Ms Cortez and her “squad” of freshman legislators from the Social Democrats unwillingness to work as members of the team in support of a common goal and agenda. Well, that’s the Speaker’s version. The deeper explanation is that despite the name, the Social Democrats do not share a common goal with House Democrats beyond the desire to block Donald Trump’s re-election bid.

Beyond that, the Social Democrats agenda deviates sharply from that of the more mainstream Democrats. In years past, liberals came in two basic forms. We had classical liberals, like John Kennedy, and we had the more leftist progressive liberals like Jerry Brown. Now we have a third class of liberal, which means more toward outright anarchy as a means to an end. Social Democrats are attempting to commandeer the Democrat Party as a means to railroad the country into a Socialist State.

In the limited mind of AOC, anybody who is to the right of crazy Uncle Bernie just isn’t progressive enough, and should be replaced with someone more like Fidel Castro.

AOC has openly and actively opposed and criticized bipartisan legislation, in particular the recent border funding bill presented by the Senate.

This public rebuke of the House Democrat vote to approve the bipartisan bill drew the ire of Speaker Pelosi. She made her displeasure known in here.

As deliciously satisfying as it may be to watch the jackals turn on one another, we need to pay close attention. While yes, a fractured Democrat party can work in our favor, it will not unless we actively take advantage of the opportunity.

So, what’s that entail, you might ask? Without a doubt, the number 1 thing will be getting out to vote en masse in 2020. Aside from that, there’s things leading up to primary season we can and should be doing.

We need to continue to work toward bipartisan supported bills. Not only is this the actual job of legislators, given these Social Democrats loathing of any centrist efforts, the two parties working together will only further the split.

Additionally, we need to continue to refute and outright debunk the nonsense initiatives and narratives spewed forth by the Social Democrats. Educating ourselves on the ultimate goals of these budding Marxists is vital if we are to have a chance at stopping the Socialization of America. We need to innoculate against stupidity.

So in short, by all means, make yourself some buttery non GMO no soy added popcorn, grab a cold beverage and enjoy the show. But don’t forget it’s a double feature. Be sure to stick around for the important second half.


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