Trump thanks Democrats for voting against impeachment

President Trump took a moment during a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, to thank the House Democrats who voted to table a motion of impeachment against him on Wednesday.

“I want to thank those Democrats, because many of them voted for us,” Trump said. “The vote was a totally lopsided 332-95-1. 332-95. Think of it, we have the strongest economy in history, the lowest unemployment numbers ever. We’ve rebuilt the most powerful military. It was totally depleted when I took office, and now it’s rebuilt.”

“We passed the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts of any president or any administration in history,” Trump went on to boast. “We took care of our great vets, including veterans choice and veterans accountability.”

“And they want to try and impeach. It’s a disgrace. So now we have that behind us. And I have to say this, and I will say it just once. What happened to me with this witch hunt should never be allowed to happen to another.”

The resolution was introduced Tuesday on the House floor by Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green, who is a staunch Trump opponent and has twice previously attempted to win an impeachment vote.

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