Trump’s WWE Takedown of “Fake News” Network, CNN

Today President Trump tweeted out a curt video of his 2007 Wrestlemania takedown of Vince McMahon with one minor alteration, in place of Mr. MacMahon’s head someone had placed CNN’s logo effectively making it look as if the POTUS were punching out his “fake news” adversary. Naturally, the internet and media outlets had a field-day with it… well, everyone but CNN who have been reeling in the ratings (and trust) department since the Project Veritas leaks shattered their already incredibly shaky facade of impartiality by exposing the fact that they new the Russian-Collusion story was bogus and ran with it anyways. CNN promptly responded to the WWE parody by, what else, stiffly denouncing it.

Rat-faced news anchor and CNN pulpit-pounder, Brian Stelzer had this to say.

Naturally, it is a much-adieu-about-nothing burger but CNN is dead set on turning it into a volatile story of some kind. However, as you can observe from the previously posted reactions, CNN’s responses have been curiously measured – curious of course, only to those who have been living under a rock and not yet seen James O’Keefe’s undercover footage which gives the corporate news giant every inch of rope it needed to hang itself. To everyone else the muted and brisk response towards the POTUS’ joke are easily understood – it does not behoove them at this juncture to try and fabricate a story out of nothing, they simply no longer have the credibility, the trust from their audience, necessary to pull something like that off successfully. Not that it matters, they responded so they’ve already lost. Baited. The narrative now (if the Trump administration and his supporters plays this correctly) will be that CNN are not only petulantly corrupt, they are also lace-curtain stiffs who can’t take a joke or a bit of banter – they’re squares, prudes and that only further distances them from Trump’s middle American base.

CNN should have listened to the internet adage: Never feed the trolls.

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