Twitter refuses to remove insane, vicious death threats against Covington students | News | LifeSite

January 24, 2019 (NewsBusters) – Twitter has refused to delete many calls for violence by verified Twitter celebrities against conservative Catholic students or suspend the offenders from the platform.

A fake news story falsely accused Covington Catholic High School students of harassing a Native American activist outraged the internet this past weekend. The story has since been corrected by some outlets, but the damage has been done. Twitter has still not taken down many of these threats or calls for violence.

Twitchy reported the most violent example. It featured Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey, who worked on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, tweeting that the Covington kids should be thrown screaming into a wood chipper. He included imagery of a wood chipper spraying blood. He has since locked his account’s viewability as “protected” after public backlash.

Muslim activist and former CNN host Reza Aslan tweeted that one of the Covington students, Nicholas Sandmann, had a “punchable face.” Aslan was the same pundit who claimed to have cried at Gillette’s commercial against “toxic masculinity.”

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