Unhinged Lawless Leftist Assaults/Robs Teen

Thanks to people like Maxine Waters, who advocated harassing and bullying people within the Trump administration and Trump supporters, people on the Left have become increasingly physical and brutal.

Most know of the situation which occurred in Oregon last week in which members of AntiFa went up against Trump supporters. From the videos I’ve seen, AntiFa got the bad end of things. But if we consider the fact that it was a patriot group who applied for and received a permit to gather for the purpose of prayer and the AntiFa group had no such permit but came looking for trouble, it becomes clear who is on the side of law and who opposes it.

We also know of the situation with the Red Hen and their assertion that they wanted President Trump’s Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, to leave the premises. They refused to serve her. She compliantly left and went across the street to another eatery only to be followed and harassed by the owner of the Red Hen, who also tried to get that other restaurant to kick her out.

The Left does this because they have vilified conservatives. They have repeatedly called us racists, bigots, misogynists, sexists and far worse things. This is all done to dehumanize anyone who supports President Trump. If we are seen as “Nazis” for instance, then who in their right mind would allow a true Nazi to go on about his/her business? Never mind that George Soros actually qualifies for the label “Nazi” because of how he literally helped Hitler by turning in other Jewish people. Yes, Soros is a Hungarian Jew and interestingly enough, Hungary has a warrant out for his arrest.

So the Left continues to ratchet up the hatred all the while accusing those on the conservative side of the aisle of being the ones who are doing the actual hating. It is because of this mentality and tone that has been created in society that people like Kino Jimenez acted as he did recently in Texas.

There is a video of the assault and robbing of a young teen who was sitting at WhatABurger in Texas. One of the young men was wearing a MAGA hat, which the perpetrator – Kino Jimenez – ripped off the kid’s head and then tossed part of a drink in his face. This happened because the young man was simply wearing a hat supportive of President Trump and his policies and a Leftist was nearby who took offense. You can watch the entire video here that was originally recorded on the victim’s phone.

Of course, the fact that Kino is much larger and older than the 16-year-old youth he assaulted is shameful enough, but the fact that for some, you cannot wear a MAGA hat because it is akin to racism, etc., is beyond the pale. This is what the Left does. They repeat lies enough times so that other Leftists simply accept those lies as truth. I’ve gotten sick and tired of seeing all the people on social networks constantly accusing President Trump of lying. They offer no proof at all. They simply allege it. Yet, we know President Obama lied to us numerous times but that’s not a problem for the Left at all.

Kino used to work at a place called the Rumble Bar. The bar owners promptly made a written statement indicating they fired Kino. It has also come out that Kino was kicked out of the Green Party for what he did.

Lastly, we have learned from the victim himself that Kino Jimenez was arrested within 24 hours of the incident. I’m glad that justice has taken place and so quickly. The problem? This should not have happened in the first place. No one has any right to assault or steal from someone because they do not like their politics. Not only is that not right but it is clearly against the law.

This is what the Left is attempting to create in America. They are fostering fear. They want conservatives to hide in silence.

I saw a picture of a guy’s Ford Explorer on Twitter last week that had four slashed tires and broken windows all because he had a MAGA bumper sticker on it. He stated flatly, “the sticker stays!”

Yet, I still see cars with Obama/Biden bumper stickers on them and their tires and windows appear to be fine. Oh, and I’m not wishing that something terrible would happen to their cars. People have a right to their opinions and to speak their minds. This is what the First Amendment guarantees. It is clear that the Left opposes it under the guise of silencing “hate” speech only. The Founding Fathers made no distinction. All speech is guaranteed under the First Amendment. The Left wants all “hate” speech gone and guess what? They want to be in the position of deciding what constitutes hate speech. Not going to happen. Under Hillary, it likely would have occurred, but not under President Trump.

It really bothers me that if I wear a MAGA hat or place a bumper sticker on my car in support of Trump, the Left might take this as a sign that I’m inviting their rage. This should not be. America put up with quite a lot under Obama’s policies that were totally destructive to the USA.

President Trump is doing his best to fix things and the deep state, cabal, or whatever you would like to call it, is out to stop him. They are also out for blood. They just don’t know they have lost, but they’ll figure it out and all those soy boys who make up AntiFa will rue the day they decided that it’s not safe to be a Trump supporter in America because it’s simply not going to go their way and they are seriously outnumbered.