US Government Prepping for the Collapse of the Dollar

What if not every law made since the ratification of the constitution has been out to get the citizen? You may be familiar with the Posse Comitatus Act signed in by former President Rutherford B. Hayes; restricting US troops to police on US soil. This was amended later on in 2008 where the Insurrection Act was repealed which originally limited the presidential power in uprisings or rebellions. You can see that even up through the entire 19th century our legislation continued to limit government and its use of force. It was only in the 20th and 21st century that authoritarianism began to snake its way in disguised as liberty.

For years there has been talk of martial law. This is finally being observed all throughout the southwestern United States and expanding. There has been released information regarding an eight-week training session in what was originally seven states. The states currently include, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Colorado was involved but backed out. There is already observed action taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where there is footage of Blackhawk Helicopters and soldiers marching actors out of their homes late at night and packing about 10 people in each of their white vans and driving off.

Many Americans are preparing for an upcoming situation especially in Texas where there are mysterious domes being constructed by FEMA. Now there are all sorts of reasons in which these programs could be being installed. A common idea is that it is preparing for a large scale middle-eastern war due to state to country placement. Now to the common statist that would be seen as normal and practical. If you think outside of what mainstream media tells you, you will not fail to acknowledge martial law as a possibility. After all, why would the media corporations that are in partnerships with these very politicians tell you this at all?

Now you may ask yourself the question, “what reason would the government have to enforce martial law on its own citizens be”? Well one theory suggests a war with Russia because of the United States involvement in Ukraine. This would apply had Jade Helm not been drawn up in 2013. About a year before Russia made any moves into Crimea. It would be dire to examine the domestic issues first. One such like the devaluing of the dollar in the United States. As of now there are 15 government agencies looking into the actions of Janet Yellen the newly elected head of the Federal Reserve. As if you know about the national debt, we owe most of it to the Federal Reserve. Now this even confused me at first. I wondered what the big deal was to borrow money from ourselves. I then researched it and found out the Federal Reserve was a private bank. On top of that, nobody knows who owns it.

Upon this event, there is to be expected anarchy (if this operation goes as people say it will) and there are possible civilian uprisings. This will be the case if the deployed forces are trying to enforce restrictions on the populous immediately. However it is unlike the government to do such things but to instill their ideas in the heads of the locals. Now if the listed effects are possible then why on Earth would the government do such a thing? The leading possibility is that every day more and more people are waking up to what is happening around them whether it’s shown or if it is just a commonly accepted conspiracy theory. If the dollar collapses anytime soon then that gives the government a great way to control people throughout the cities in the states they control. And as mentioned above, there is reason to believe this domestic operation is expanding rapidly.

If there is any possible further way to rationalize this for yourself, you may say something among the lines of, “I trust our military to keep us safe and realize that they must train in diverse environments”. This would be somewhat easy to believe if you didn’t know that in Virginia, California and many other US states held mock cities for training in urban environments. Of course their answer to that is captioned on the front page where it says “Mastering the human domain”. Again, this could be easily justified if in the next few pages it didn’t say they would be operating from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM where very few people are even out. Now when supplied with that information it would be easy to say that they were

just getting used to the terrain of the various southern states or even getting the civilians used to their presence in society as a whole.

Overall, it is important to stay on your toes on the actions being performed and make your judgments not over legality but morality.


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