Who’s Unfit To Be President?

Recent events with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail have brought her health into question. These are legitimate concerns that must be answered, especially in a highly contentious election campaign that sees both major candidates stating that the other is “unfit” to lead.

A string of medical related situations, odd behavior, failure to do pressers since December of 2015 (up until this week which once again brought her health into question), and the mainstream media’s unwillingness to investigate #HillarysHealth create more questions than answers.

Do a few of these events over the last decade concern you? I think it’s a perfectly legitimate, and necessary question.

2005:Hillary Clinton faints during speech

2009: Hillary Clinton Falls And Breaks Elbow

2011: Falls While Boarding Plane:

2013: Another Fall Leading To Concussion & Blood Clot

2016: Hillary Can’t Climb Stairs

This is not yet verified, but it’s been widely reported that Hillary Clinton has a health handler, and he was seen carrying a Diazepam pen.


More information can be found here, but keep in mind that the mainstream media is brushing this off (and covering it up) as conspiracy theories.


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