Why does MSM hate “the Donald”

It’s no secret that the vast majority of the mainstream media outlets are no fan of the GOP. That dysfunctional relationship has existed for decades.    In the past, Republican Presidents have managed to maintain are least a cordial working relationship with the press Corp. President Trump however, has not been quite so fortunate.  His aggressive, no holds barred management style, willingness to give rebuke, and active disdain for the status quo relative to how White House business is conducted has made for an adversarial press to say the least.

  The press, in turn, has undertaken a relentless campaign to criticize his every move.  He’s been portrayed as mysoginist,sexist,bigotted,xenophobic, and treasonous. The media has been prolific in articles mired in inaccuracy, half truth, deception and outright dishonesty, which has to their benefit, sold alot of adspace and subscriptions.

  But these vindictive and cashflow motivations pale in comparison to the underlying agenda.  The MSM has another,much bigger reason to hate the President.

      Newspapers: dying a slow death

 In 2009 the newspaper industry suffered a series of death blows. First, the internet saw the beginning of explosive growth.  It opened up new and limitless markets and offered information availability almost in real time.  News publishers quickly jumped on board, without seeing the perils ahead. The ease of navigation drastically cut readership. If readers interest is interrupted in any way, they look elsewhere for the news they want. There’s no consumer investment in an online site the way there is with a physical paper. 

  Subsequently, with the ease and convenience of digital formats, physical sales understandably took a big hit. Publishers hadn’t implemented online subscriptions, and revenue dropped. Add to this the fact that advertisements in newspapers are regionally focussed. In a global format like the web, ad sources that traditionally relied on local papers were suddenly far less relevent, and ad sales tanked.

  Newsrooms everywhere underwent serious belt tightening, loosing huge chunks of their journalism pool in efforts to cut costs.

  Then there was a one-two punch that really spelled disaster.  Since the time of Thomas Jefferson, states have used newspapers to publish public notices.  Bid announcements, asset forfeitures, imminent domain, even mortgage escrows, all published in efforts to bolster publishers revenue to help guarantee the public have access to information. These notices represented 5-10% of publishers income.  Suddenly, 40 states introduced measures to shift public notices from paper to the internet in efforts to ease fiscal burdens on the taxpayers. That idea took off, and almost overnight the industry saw 5-10% of it’s revenue evaporate.

  When President Obama signed off  on Net Nuetrality, it was supposed  to end the unfair throttling practices  tat were manipulating what consumers could  access on the internet, which on it’s surface, looks good for everyone. However, the real issue was while it was good for the public, and kept the field level, the internet monster Google was exempt from it’s restrictions. This allowed Google to explode and solidify it’s monopoly on access to information.  The search engine had free reign to manipulate what we saw, how it appeared, and the ease with which we accessed information. This advantage was extremely lucrative not only for Google, but media Giants desperately needing  to expand their market share.

  This is where President Trump, and the media’s hatred cross paths.  Long before the balloons and confetti fell on election night, The press had declared war on Trump. Throughout the campaign, the bulk of the news cycle was decidedly Democrat leaning.  The term “fake news” had been forged.  When he took office in 2016, he began disassembling the Obama Legacy. The affordable Care act was gutted.   Catch and release at our borders was replaced with no tolerance. 

 He then took the knife to net Nuetrality. While opponents cried out that the move would hurt consumers, what it really did was end the unfair advantage to Google, and by default, the MSM that benefits so much from Google’s search algorithm.

The President that throughout his campaign slammed the Obama Era Bailouts for big business would never consider that 60 billion his predecessor entertained, and now he’s ripped the advantage from the information Titan.

Even today, Google is flexing it’s power to manipulate what we see and how we see it.  They own YouTube, and have been gradually demonetizing conservative content creators, and it was just announced that they have modified the search algorithm to give priority to mainstream outlets in searches for news topics. 

  So the long and short of it boils down to money and power.  Where in the past, powerful media outlets coul count on Liberal Democrats to protect their iron grip on information, and the money that flows from it, now we have a President that doesn’t play that game.   And they hate him for it.