Why Liberals are Going Extinct And How to Accelerate It

No, don’t be afraid.  I know you’ve been hurt before, but the title isn’t clickbait.  Liberals really are disappearing from this Earth.  You may be wondering, “Are they mixing ammonia and bleach?  Is it death by helicopter?  Is it global warming?  Is it Cenk Uygur committing atrocities again?”.  The answers are no, no, no, and probably.  The actual cause of leftists going extinct is they are simply not having children.

Flashback to the 2008 election.  Every state that had fertility over 70, meaning 70 children were born for every 100,000 reproductive age women, voted Romney, the conservative.  Every state with a fertility under 60 voted for Obama, the liberal.  The red states are consistently growing faster than the blue states by a large margin, 25% for some pairs of states.

This is a good trend and is intriguing, but it’s hardly reason for believing that the baleful light of the left will be snuffed out.  The reason is that all white leftists are reproducing under the replacement rate, moderates and moderate conservatives are breeding at the replacement rate, and only the far right is having children above the replacement rate.  To be precise:

Extremely liberal (2.5%) — 1.61

Liberal (12.7%) — 1.72

Slightly liberal (11.3%) — 1.58

Moderate (39.9%) — 2.14

Slightly conservative (15.6%) — 2.03

Conservative (14.3%) — 2.34

Extremely conservative (3.7%) — 2.62

In addition, the ratio of white Republicans and white Democrats fertility is 2.07:1.76.  The ratio of self-described white conservatives to white liberals is 2.23:1.65.

Since our political beliefs as adults are highly influenced by the beliefs of our parents this means that liberal states are becoming more conservative and conservative states are growing quickly while moving to the right.  The one caveat to all of this is that these stats only apply to white people.

The reason that liberals aren’t mating is that they’ve checkmated themselves.  Liberals are r selected.  That means that they seek out sex with a variety of partners in order to have many children in a low parental investment strategy.  Conservatives, who are k selected, seek out one mate in a lower number of children high parental investment strategy.  For more detail on this see Anonymous Conservative.  This is very confusing.  Why are liberals not having kids if they’re having all this sex?  Liberals do not have sex for the purpose of procreation.  They have sex for the purpose of sex.  K selected conservatives have sex and relationships with the purpose of procreating in mind.

With the sexual revolution liberals got everything they wanted in terms of sexual freedom.  The pill meant freedom from pregnancies.  The morning after pill meant that if you forgot to take your birth control you could correct the mistake.  Abortion meant if you forgot to take your Plan B you could correct the mistake.  That plus spermicide, condoms, the rise of oral and anal sex, and sterilization surgeries meant that you only had children if you actually wanted to have children, and liberals evidently don’t want kids.  Good.

Furthermore, the lesbianic demand for women to become men and get a career and only begin to pursue a family around age 42 or so means that liberal women who otherwise would be quite fecund are as barren as the Mojave.  And further still, feminism preaches the evils and oppression of motherhood as their own ranks slowly wither into crones.  Beyond that liberals are now sterilizing their kids in record numbers that increase every year with hormone replacement therapy.  In the dizzying heights of madness of the current year liberals are even trying to lay a moral foundation for a post-birth abortion, or in layman terms, murder their own newborns.  They really do not want to be parents.

I say that we lean into this trend.  We lean into it as hard as we can.  The liberals want free abortion on demand.  Give it to them.  The liberals want free birth control for all.  That’s fantastic.  I’m not saying we just let them have it of course.  Let’s make them trade us the wall or an end to birth right citizenship in exchange for their precious group-suicide pills.  Let’s exploit their desire for meaningless sex to its furthest extent.

Simultaneously, we need to promote fertility amongst other right-wingers.  We need to explain them that winning the baby-war is vastly more important than winning the culture war or auditing the fed.  We need to reduce the tax burdens that may cause people to have fewer children.  We are winning.  Let’s continue that.

Remember, the future belongs to those who show up.