Will the #MeToo Movement Help Leo and Brad from Tiffany Haddish’s Sexual Bullying?

Tiffany Haddish

“In one year, if I’m single…” was the odd, and no doubt grasping, response of actor and sex symbol, Brad Pitt. He was put on the spot by actress Tiffany Haddish, who propositioned him for a one night stand only moments after the two met.


Haddish has gained a lot of Hollywood attention for her “f*** list” in which she fiercely pursues male actors in Hollywood for bizarre sexual hook ups.

Brad Pitt

The only thing is, it seems she’s constantly turned down. Brad Pitt told her to ask him again in a year, if he’s single. Then Leonardo DiCaprio said “I would but…” which is man-speak for “it’s not you, it’s me.” In other words, “I’m not interested.”


Haddish seemed not to take the hint and even went on to make the unbelievable demand that Leo have sex with her while in the character of a severely autistic boy, Arnie Grape, which he portrayed in the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”




Yes, you read that correctly. Haddish told Leo she wanted him to sleep with her and that he must do so while acting like he was an underage, severally mentally handicapped child.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Leo changed the subject and began telling Haddish about how he had trained for the role by spending a lot of time with mentally challenged children. At which point she interrupted him saying, “Ya, ya, ok but when are we going to make this happen?” Referring to her sexual request.


Haddish did not provide any further information but apparently Leo continued to dodge the offer.

Online, feminist, liberal, tabloid, Jezebel reported on this event with the headline “By Sheer Perseverance, Tiffany Haddish May Make Leonardo DiCaprio Bang-Worthy Yet.”


#MeToo anyone?


Imagine if a male star had propositioned multiple Hollywood women and still pressured them even when they were clearly uninterested.


Imagine if a male actor had then gone on multiple television shows bragging about his “f*** list” and imagine if newspapers ran headlines about a man making a woman “bang-worthy.”


There would be outrage, and rightly so. Such behavior is disgusting, whether coming from a man or a woman, yet our current social climate allows an aging, B list celebrity to parade around her vulgar and creepy sexual requests, bullying because of feminism and its anti-male mentality.


Don’t Leo and Brad deserve the same respect we demand women be given, when it comes to their bodies, the requests made on them, and the public displays and declarations made about them?


There is no reason men as wildly popular as Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt would consider dating a 38-year-old woman when they regularly date supermodels, half their age.


When our society allows Haddish’s private and public bullying of Hollywood men, what will the next step be? How long until she claims they won’t sleep with her because they are age-ist or racist? How long until a feminist organizes a boycott of these men until they agree to sleep with this “empowered,” black, cougar?


What happened to my body, my choice? Oh, that’s right. That slogan only applies to overweight, aging feminists. It never applies to thin women, women who want a lot of children, or least of all, men.