WrongThink.net App Removed from Google Play Store for…. Wrongthink Google's censorship of alternative news, media and opinion continues

WrongThink.net is one of a few free speech centric social media networks that arose as a result of larger social media sites like Twitter and Facebook closing user’s accounts for various reasons from “Hate Speech” to Instagram suspending an account temporarily because a woman posted a picture of a cake.

Wrongthink describes their site as:

…an alternative social network for the people, by the people who actually respect your Freedom of Speech

Google allowed the app on their Play Store until today. As of this morning it was removed and the creators of Wrongthink were sent this.

Google has been lowering ad revenue on YouTube and websites showing Google’s ads for those promoting “Wrongthink” or as Orwell would write, for committing thoughtcrimes.

Google is actively taking down videos that were posted over 3 years ago. This was recently evidenced when one of Jared Taylor’s (of American Renaissance) videos was removed today from YouTube.

According to WrongThink’s Twitter they are going to use https://www.getjar.com/ so users can download apps for the site on both iPhone and Android within the next 48 hours. It is a fantastic idea to get the application on handsets, but, it still lacks the reach of the WrongThink app being available right there in the app stores.

I reached out to WrongThink for comment and the WrongThink team responded with the following:

“It’s sad to see Google removes apps from the store without telling the why, or at least giving us the link to where the problem that made them remove the app from the store is.
And unlike Google, at least Amazon store is transparent and gives details on what is removed and not accepted on their store. Google should either be more transparent, or at least not ban things for being pro free-speech.
They claim that we were banned from the store for Hate Speech.”

“And on the guidelines about the Hate Speech rule (see above image these words are the writer’s) it just simply says this. WrongThink and our app has no bloody post that advocates any of the things they refer there. And if it is something a user posted, then it’s time to remove Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media. Because I’m 99% sure they have the triple or more every day of what Google claims what we have. And I’m sure Google+ isn’t a rainbow social network. And 100% sure that everyone can see that with a simple google search, here’s an example:

They sent me this as an example of hate speech on Google+

“Google’s own social media network, which by the standards applied to WrongThink, should be removed from the Play store as well”

The war for free speech continues as voices involved in skirmishes and battles rise and fall. The necessity of platforms like WrongThink so people can freely express their ideas are imperative. I hope one day the scales fall from the eyes of more influencers and they move away from social media sites where censorship is applied in a manner that is without transparency or consistency.

Ian Erickson is New Media Central’s Editor-in-Chief and co-host of The Patriarchy Show. Follow him on Twitter.

You can also follow him on WrongThink.

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