You’re Killin Me

So here we go again. It’s time to grab up your tiki torches and pitchforks, because there’s reports of a monster in the village.

Representative Keith Ellison, Democrat from Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District is many things. He’s a progressive liberal jackass. He has a long history with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan. He’s openly Muslim, and anti-Isreal. He accepts campaign funds from organizations like J Street, who support global terrorism, the Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee, who support the Portland protests, and from Alexander Soros.

And now, Congressman Ellison is accused of domestic assault and battery. Let’s face it, this guy’s a true piece of crap. Herein lay our dilemma.

Yes, I agree he’s a steamy pile not unlike any of the thousands seen daily on San Francisco streets. I have no trouble being vocal about the numerous problems I have with him.

Where I do have a problem is with, in the zeal of having another reason to nail him to a tree, we are a bit quick in latching on to an accusation that offers zero corroborative evidence. What we have is a Facebook post by Austin Monahan, seen here that certainly paints a grim series of events. What it lacks is the proof. Where is the video? Where are the photos? And where is any statement made actually by the victim?

This is a problem, because again, we ardently support people like General Flynn, Jim Jordan, and President Trump against accusations that are long on narrative and short on evidence. We constantly remind the Progressive Liberal Fuktards (PLF) that this is America, and you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

We ferociously defend our rights when the PLF threaten them. Let’s not be hypocritical now, because in the time of screen shots and copy/paste, an ounce of hypocrisy lives on forever.