Youtube, Yourway The Best Conservative Family Content on the Video Sharing Site That Will Have Your Whole Family Binge Watching This Weekend


The popcorn maker whirled, popped, and cracked as the children danced around excitedly. My oldest rushed around, closing all the curtains. He wanted to make the house “like a movie theater.”


My daughters and I poured melted butter on the popcorn, as one of my middle sons fluffed couch pillows and set up the rocking chair for the baby and me.


My six children don’t spend their days in front of a TV. My family gave up network TV 15 years ago when my oldest son was born and we haven’t looked back.


For the first half-decade of parenting, we simply had no way to watch movies, other than the occasional thrift shop VCR, which usually broke down after only a few  viewings. It wasn’t until movie streaming services like Netflix and Youtube were available, that we began to have a family movie night.


At first we stuck to classic movies and TV shows. Shirley Temple, Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, and classic Disney fairytales were all on the menu. However, following some outrageously Liberal and anti-white content from Netflix, we gave up that service and began seeking new alternatives for movie night.

As Youtube grew and expanded as a platform, we became aware of some amazing family content. Whereas my husband and I have enjoyed channels such as Millennial Woes, JF Gariepy, RamzPaul, Stefan Molyneux and others, we began to find Youtube channels our whole family enjoyed as well.


My eight-year-old stood anxiously by the computer screen, his index finger hovering above the mouse, ready to click “play” as my daughters and I brought in three large bowls of popcorn for my family of eight.


Once seated the show could begin. Tonight we were watching Seraphima’s  Extraordinary Adventures. This feature-length cartoon from Russia (with subtitles in English) displays some of the most beautiful cartoon artwork I have seen.

The storyline of the movie is a sweet Christian, anti-communist tale about a Russian girl living in a Soviet orphanage during World War II who must stand up, against great odds, for her Christian beliefs.


The movie is incredible and the perfect family film. Watching it started me thinking about compiling a list of some of the Youtube content my whole family is able to enjoy,  in order to share with our New Media readers.


As everyone knows, the political and news world right now is fraught with hyperbolic, Trump-derangement-syndrome, and while I enjoy bringing you important news and vital commentary, sometimes we need to take a breather and have a nice time with the families we are all working so hard to protect.


So, without further ado; here are some of my top Youtube channel picks for family entertainment.



Beyond Science


Beyond Science is a channel hosted and produced by Mike Chen. He features well-made videos about strange phenomenon, unbelievable scientific facts, or paranormal events. One small warning, his scary content, such as ghost stories, should probably be reserved for teen viewers only, but with five years as a channel, a variety of content and playlists a mile long, you won’t be starved for videos by skipping the ghost stories.



Good Mythical Morning


The backstory on the channel makes it a great values lesson, in addition to their stellar content. Rhett and Link are two guys in their early 40s who have been best friends since grade school and it shows. Their banter back and forth is the best I’ve ever seen and each of them brings an amazing personality to the screen.


They produce a daily show called Good Mythical Morning, which my family doesn’t consume daily, but we end up binge watching a month or more at a time during cold and flu season.


The show is mostly comedy as Rhett and Link try outrageous food combinations, showcase odd facts, or take random challenges. Both Rhett and Link are devoted husbands and fathers to several children, so their humor and style is especially well suited for large, happy, family folk.



Studio C


Do you love Saturday Night Live (or at least used to love it back when it was funny)? How about a sketch comedy troupe with the talent and dedication of Saturday Night Live at its peak, but with solid Christian Family values? Sounds amazing, right? It is!


Studio C grew out of a college theater group at Brigham Young University and has now grown into a full, professional, production which can be viewed both on Youtube as well as the BYU channel on network TV.


Warning, you are going to want to clear your schedule before you click play on the first video because you will not be able to stop!



Bored Shorts TV


Bored Shorts TV is another channel with a sweet backstory. Several brothers and their friends grew up making funny home movies with their dad’s camcorder and once technology advanced, so did they.


The brothers are now the content creators of the wildly popular Bored Shorts channel with some of the most original, family-friendly, and absolutely roll-on-the-floor comedic content you will ever find.


They involve their whole families in their shorts, which include reenactments and incredible storytelling that, despite its family-focus, far exceeds the best made Hollywood content available.



Blimey Cow


For my family, Blimey Cow ended up being an answer to our prayers. We all want to feel like someone “gets” us, like they understand our struggles and our lives. For homeschooled kids, it used to be hard to find content so relatable to their lives.


Not anymore! Blimey Cow is a channel created by a young man, now grown, who went through the homeschooling process. He makes hilarious videos about what it’s like to be a homeschooler and interact with the world.


He also creates videos that teach teens, through comedy, the ways to go about difficult life struggles such as getting along with parents or how to ask a girl on a date.


With a solid Christian upbringing you won’t have to worry about his advice, as it is some of the most conservative you will find on the topic, plus he will have you in stitches the whole time!


After a just a few minutes of Blimey Cow, your homeschooled kids will be laughing with tears of joy and relief as they realize their struggles are not unique to them and that there is a whole country full of kids having similar experiences.


Those are my top picks. What are some of your family favorites? Tell using the comments below and have a great weekend!