YouTuber Count Dankula Fined £800

Breitbart- Scottish YouTube personality Mark Meechan — also known to fans as ‘Count Dankula’ — has been given a £800 fine after recording a video of his girlfriend’s dog doing Nazi salutes.
The punishment comes some two years after the video was originally broadcast on the YouTube platform, which Meechan maintained was a joke intended to irritate his girlfriend, but the judge said was actually a “grossly offensive” communication and it was “self evident” that the joke was anti-Semitic.

The owner of the dog trained to do tricks around which the trial centered, Buddha, is Meechan’s girlfriend Suzanne Kelly who has defended her partner, saying the dog would lift its paw for anything if it thought it would get a treat for doing so, and said her boyfriend had “never expressed anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic” views.

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